Diabetes and Original Limu

Diabetes and Original Limu

Original Limu dramatically reduces glucose absorption balance” according to Reproductive Nutrition and Development.

What this study suggests is that the polysaccharides in seaweed (fucoidan) slows the infusion of glucose into the blood stream. By doing this the blood sugar levels are kept stable and excessive insulin responses are prevented. In other words Limu may help to keep the blood sugar levels within normal limits.

Now, I have never worked with anyone who has diabetes that didn’t benefit from Original Limu. Even the most brittle diabetic responds dramatically to it. The rule of thumb I use is simple: If you eat three meals a day you drink Limu three times a day, if you eat 5 meals a day, divide the Original Limu into 5 amounts.

I start out each person on 6 oz of Original Limu a day: 2 oz with breakfast, 2 oz with lunch and 2 oz with dinner. If they are eating an unusually large dinner you can always increase the evening dose to 3 oz.

Don’t forget you’re working with a food, not a medicine. If they’re going to have a treat, they can drink an extra dose of Original Limu to help balance it. They need to keep track of their Blood Sugar levels anyway so increasing the Limu until it works for them is not a big deal. Original Limu can be very flexible!

There will be times when diabetics may not need as much and also times when they need more. After they have been on Original Limu for a period of time they will be able to tell where they need to be. Never tell anyone to stop taking their medicine. That is their doctor’s job and we’re not practicing medicine. We are using food to help our body’s work the way they were intended to work.

A man I know who was so brittle that any amount of carbs would send him sky high. He could not even eat a small baked potato. With all his medicines they were still unable to keep his sugars regulated. On Limu he did even out, and was able to have small portions of carbohydrates without problems.

Another lady on Original Limu was taken off her diabetic medicine by the doctors because she didn’t need them anymore, as long as she was on Limu. She drank an extra dose of Original Limu just before she went to bed because she had gotten in the habit of eating ice cream late every night.

Diabetics are used to watching their Blood Sugar. They are able to regulate and experiment with the amounts of Original Limu they need to maintain a good sugar level. So start out with the 2 oz with each meal. They know their body better than anyone, and you can never overdose on original Limu. It’s only food… a powerful food!

If the 2 oz at each meal is not making a difference within a couple days, increase that amount to match the size of the meal. Maybe 2 oz at breakfast and lunch and 3 oz with dinner. It’s possible that after being on Limu for an extended period of time, they may find that they can decrease it and their blood sugars will stay the same.

Incidentally, that’s the way they are prescribed their medicine from their doctors. They’re given a certain scale they adjust according to their needs as they watch their blood sugar. In the hospital they use a Sliding Scale; if you’re above the parameters you get more insulin, if you’re too low you get juice or maybe 50% dextrose injection. So what would you prefer to work with?

Now, you know all the problems diabetics have with this disease… Yes, the neuropathies, blindness, kidney damage, the list is endless, slow healing of wounds, etc, etc, etc…. Well, with Original limu, many of those problems disappear.

Diabetes is a killer. It’s one of the most devastating diseases that we see in the hospital. It causes people to lose their quality of life long before they eventually lose their live’s. If Limu was able to stop the progression or even reverse the problem and you had diabetes….. wouldn’t you want to know about Original Limu?